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ASR's Search Results Paragraph

Active Search Results' spiders visit Web sites and index five different data parts of those sites. The five parts are then displayed in the search results page as a search results paragraph.

The following picture illustrates the location of each part of the search results paragraph.

Define Search Results

Search Results Page

The Search URL Page allows you to search for websites by their URL and see exactly what parts of the website are used in the search results paragraph.

The following list defines the five parts of a Web site that Active Search Results displays in the search results paragraph.

  • Page Title - The page title text is located between the open and close <title> tags within the <header> tags. If the title does not exist or is less than eight characters, the URL is used in place of the title. The page title is the first line of text that people see when viewing the search results paragraph and is formatted with a link to the Web site. Each Web page should have a different page title. - Maximum length is 100 characters.

  • Meta Description - The meta description tag describes the content of the Web page. The meta description tag is located within within the <header> tags and formatted as follows:
    <meta name="description" content="Describe your Web page here.">
    Each Web page should have a different meta description tag. - Maximum length is 150 characters.

  • Body Text - The body text contains the first 300 characters found on the website. Active Search Results stores the first 1,000 characters of the website and uses the first 1,000 characters in its indices to provide search results.

  • Meta Keywords - The meta keywords tag provides to the search engine words to index the site. Web searchers will type in words to search on and the closer those words are to the meta keywords on the Web page, the higher the ranking will be for that Web page. - Maximum length is 100 characters.

  • Page URL - The Web site's URL is displayed as the last line of the search results paragraph to make it clear where the title link points to.

  • Note: You can change the way that your site's search results paragraph is displayed to Web searchers by making changes to your Web site's data parts as described above.

    After making your changes, re-submit your site to the search engine. Within 24 hours your site will be re-indexed with the new changes. Visit our Schedule Page to view Active Search Results' indexing schedule.

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