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The Importance of Using the Right Subject Line to Grab Reader's Attention


Emphasizes Priority

Too many email subject lines are bland. To help yours to stand out, it is important to underline how important it is to open this particular email, the one right in front of the reader, right now. Ever seen those emails that pop up which immediately pop out in your account? It always has to do with the emphasis on importance.

An example would be "What are your clients saying?" when hoping to woo a business owner. Most business owners will be intrigued by such a subject line because it impacts their business. This is better than saying "best SEO service" or "best web design" because that doesn't connect as well.

This is the importance of subject lines for email marketing. Studies have shown a simple inclusion of "You" in one's subject line can create a 5% surge in the open rate. It can increase by 10% when you include the word "tomorrow". Yes, it is this simple.

Every person sending out an email marketing campaign wants to improve the odds that it’ll be seen by as many people, as much as possible. It all begins with the email subject line. As they say, the first impression matters, and putting in a lot of time on the email only to have the subject line to let you down and land you in the discard pile is not acceptable. Pay attention to this important aspect, and get those emails read.

About the Author Alexander Kitingan is a two time Amazon Kindle best selling co-author, top seller on the Simpleology marketplace featured alongside the likes of Dr. Joe Vitale, Jeremy Gislason and Dr. James Watts. His success is due in part to his knowledge and skill in SEO and Internet Marketing. He also enjoys a successful career coaching business professionals so they, too, can achieve success.


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